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The European Network for Accessible Tourism describes its 2009 initiative this way at Accessible Tourism:

This site is the initial "home" of a new networking initiative led by ENAT, the European Network for Accessible Tourism, with partners in Italy, Slovenia, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Starting in January 2009, the European Commission's Tourism Unit (under the Enterprise and Industry Directorate General) has agreed to co-finance a new SME network for Accessible, Sustainable and Competitive Tourism, with a 50% grant. The initiative goes under the project name "Competitiveness for European Tourism for All", acronym: CETA.

Read more about CETA on the ENAT Resources page: CETA Project

We look forward to you joining us to make tourism businesses sustainable, competitive and accessible for all visitors. Membership of the SME Network is free.

Ivor Ambrose, ENAT and CETA Project Coordinator.
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If you are going to vacation in a warm climate why not stay somewhere close to nature? If you use a wheelchair, there were few opportunities -- until now. Accessible eco-tent construction at Estate Concordia photo copyright photos to Multi, Design for People, LLC 2005

St John in the US Virgin Islands wants to be a destination of choice for people with disabilities. Multi: Design for People did excellent work. During their short lifespan the company contributed greatly to the field of sustainable Inclusive Destination Development.

Here's one more affirmation of that through their presentation posted at Slideshare.net Multi: Design for People helped them reach that goal with a series of meticulously planned projects.

Current work in the field by one of Multi's founder, Rosanne Ramos, can be seen at Inclusion by Design.

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